Monday, September 26, 2011

Quiet, but not gone.

Oh, blogosphere.
Infamous "New York Times" CC Cookies
     My most sincere apologies. It would seem that I am doing a terrible job of keeping up with you, despite my best intentions.  It's like any habit--you let things slip once, then twice, and then all of the sudden the habit overwhelms you.
Fruit Crumble bars

     In this case, my habit is "not updating". I actually have seven--count that, seven--recipes that I could have been sharing with you since the beginning of August, and a couple waiting in the shadows to be made.

Zucchini-Cheddar Drop Biscuits: One to anticipate, seriously!
     So what's the problem? Well, now that school is in session, my days go something like this: MW, I get up at about 7, do any extra homework/shower, and have class at 9:30, getting home at 3. I then do homework (or not, as some unfortunate days go) and then go to ballroom dancing around 8, returning around 11:30.  Tues/Thurs/Fridays my days start even earlier, as I get up at 6:30, got to the gym for 2 hours before classes & then shower, and get home around 4. Tuesdays I actually don't have anything in the evening, and obviously the same with Fridays, but Thursdays I once again have dance. Sundays I also try to hit the gym, and go visit le boyfriend (which I'm also trying desperately hard to do at least once more during every week) and oh, yes, then there's that SICKENING fact that I have homework. So very, very much homework.
Oreo Truffles. About as heavenly as they sound.
     What I'm getting at, here, is that this has resulted in a serious lack of free time.  Could this be better handled? Probably, as some days I'm just completely worthless and not doing homework anyway...but for whatever reason I keep procrastinating updating this blog. But I have some really, really yummy things up my sleeves, and I'd like to get them out of the way before the fall baking sprees start.
Eggless cheesecakes with raspberry sauce--another stellar recipe to anticipate
     And when I say fall baking sprees, what I really mean is "I'm hoping that I'll have time to make more food before, you know, Christmas break" because obviously if I can't even find the time to update a blog, the chances that I'll have time to bake a delicious apple pie or something are a little slim.
The Oreo version of Rice Krispie's Treats
     But on my word, I'm going to give it my best shot, and remedy all of this soon.
     I swear.
Mom's Broccoli & Chicken Quiche. A classic I grew up with.

     And now, I'm going to stop using this blog as an excuse to not do my homework, and go read about Spanish phonetics. Hurrah! (PS, photos are previews!)

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