Monday, August 8, 2011

God bless farmer's markets: A "gourmet" Grilled Cheese!

     I have recently taken to spending my Saturday mornings haunting the local farmer's market.  This has proved, in my opinion, to be a very wise decision for health and flavor reasons, although it is slightly detrimental to my wallet, as things tend to be a bit more expensive there.  (But hey, farmers have got to make a living, right?)
     The farmer's market in my college town is, honestly, quite large--it can take up to 30 minutes just to walk around and try to LOOK at everything, much less do close inspections & purchase!  Not to mention the sideshows of booths set up, live music, and of course, the pre-made food section for those wanting a delicious breakfast sandwich or cinnamon bun to start the morning off right. Mmm.
     Anyway, after my first venture there a couple of weeks ago, I used some of my delicious, fresh purchases to create myself a tasty little afternoon delight--this grilled cheese made with Swiss Honey Bread, Wabash Cannonball Cheese (a specialized goat cheese), and thin Fuji apple slices! Delicious.
     So, while this post obviously is a recipe just throwing together my own creations, I'll go ahead and point out that I probably wouldn't have thought of posting it here if I hadn't been stalking this wonderful blog, Grilled Cheese Social, this summer.  I mean, what a genius idea--a blog full of different ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich! Why couldn't come up with this simple yet brilliant idea, eh?!
The heavenly Wabash Cannonball cheese...mold & ash on top.
     In any case, the sandwich I made was simple yet really, and I do mean really scrumptious.  The key really came from the brad & the cheese, both from the farmer's market. (Apples were standard grocery store fare.)  The Swiss Honey bread, according to its makers, is really just a simple yeast bread with a couple of tablespoons of honey, but in my opinion it's a divine gift from above--so soft and slightly doughy, just a hint of sweetness, and PERFECT with a little bit of butter toasted on a skillet in this sandwich.
     Contrasting the bread was the Wabash Cannonball Cheese from some local farmers--a goat cheese externally infused with some sort of mold (forgot to ask) and, of all things, ash.  Goat cheese, obviously, is a very mild sort of bitter on its own, but with the ash it's also just a hair smokey...when combined with the sweet bread & apples, I just about died and went to heaven.  No, seriously.  It was one of those rare moments in life when you sit back from a meal and think: That was perfect, no need for improvements.  (I'd actually been pairing the bread up with the cheese for a day or two just as a snack before I decided to get it all gooey and I was prepared for the sort of love that was about to ensue.)
     In any case, this really doesn't call for a recipe or instructions, but I'll go ahead and give it to you anyway!
Oh god, I'm drooling...

"Gourmet" Apple & Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

5(ish) thin slices of a fresh Fuji apple
2 Slices Swiss Honey Bread (or your favorite sweet, doughy bread)
Wabash Cannonball Goat Cheese (or some other goat cheese of your choice)

  1. Put a skillet on your stove top at about medium heat...not too high now, we want all the flavors to combine sloooowly & not burn the bread. :)
  2. Goat cheese is crumbly, so put some on a slice of the bread in the microwave to soften it up, then spread over the bread slice to be sure of solid coverage on at least one side.
  3. Butter the other slice of bread on one side
  4. Layer the apple slices on the slice of bread with the cheese, and sprinkle some more cheese crumbles in between/on top of the layers as you go.
  5. Put the buttered slice of bread on top, butter side up, and then place that side down on the skillet!
  6. Whilst the first side browns on the skillet, butter the now up-facing side of the bread slice with melted cheese on it, & then flip over.
  7. Try not to cry when you eat this sandwich.  Because you really might. (Pair with leftover apple slices for a healthy, delicious lunch!)

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